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Open Argon

Recently, I purchased an Argon One case for my Raspberry Pi 4.

This is not a review of the case itself, but if I would need to describe it with a few words:

It’s an excellent piece of hardware that encloses your Pi in a modern aluminium case, combining passive and active cooling (via heatsink and fan), featuring an always-wanted safe power button.

Sounds great, right?

The problem I encountered is of a software kind: When looking for the driver/script to control the fan and the shutdown button, I only found the official argon1.sh from the vendor Argon40 (among some GitHub repositories which essentially replicate the code in a more structured way).

While it does the job of controlling the fan and reading the button flawlessly, I dislike it for 3 simple reasons:

  1. The script is not licensed at all. This implies “All rights reserved”; even though you can read the source code, consider it as proprietary!
  2. It’s not easy to maintain when you do not have a clearly structured code base besides an all-in-one shell script installation routine.
  3. There are no options to easily reconfigure the button.

Because I recently wanted to master the awesome command line interface library click anyways, I decided to fully understand the argon1.sh script and then implement an alternative completely from scratch.

Introducing Open Argon

The result is an Open Source solution that aims to make handling your Argon One case easier and fun!

The first Beta version includes the following features:

As always, your feedback counts and is appreciated - bug hunters are welcome!

 Visit the GitHub project!